3 years ago, we came up with an idea. We wanted to make a drink based on tea that were organic, healthy and with a great taste. Not like the well-known ice teas which are made from powder or concentrate and filled with sugar and additives. Our goal was to capture the good qualities in tea by using real tea and create a new sparkling version with as little sugar as possible, keeping it all natural.

We were immediately drawn to the cold-brewing process as it brings out the mild taste of the tea without the bitterness while preserving the natural antioxidants. We have been working hard to find the right balance between the different teas and the organic fruit juice to make the 3 kinds of hlé sparkling tea.

As the sweetness of hlé sparkling tea predominantly comes from the teas and fruit, we have only added a tad bit of sugar. This has resulted in a mild, sparkling and refreshing drink with few calories. One that you can enjoy with a good conscience in your time. In your break.

hle tea landscape
hle tea story

So why the name hlé?

We wanted to find a word that could explain the moment, where you pause for a while and give yourself time to relax while enjoying something good. Where you prioritize yourself – that is the heart of hlé.

The word hlé is an Old Norse expression of ‘pause’ and is pronounced [lae]. It origins from a word that was part of the inscription on the Golden Horns from the Germanic Iron Age in early 5th century, meaning ‘lee guest’. This was an expression for ‘a stranger seeking shelter and protection’ from the time when long journeys throughout the land were completed by foot and the hospitality and friendliness of others was paramount.

So hlé has a lot of meaning to it – most importantly to allow yourself a time-out. A break.